Renovation of a Grocery Store for Paisley ~ Photo Album

Not Simple...... but we got it done!!!

Sold!! The Paisley freshmart belongs to us!!

We purchased the building with the intention of making it as energy efficient at possible.   The structure was very sound and we were pleased to have the shelving included.

For the first three weeks, we removed all the old equipment, refrigerated display units, boxed up re-usable items and put them into storage.    We had a community cleaning bee to clean all the shelving units.

The renovation included new refrigerated and freezer display units.   All of these are Arneg Canada units from Quebec.   We were very pleased with the price, service, and delivery costs.   They did what they promised and we had a very good experience.   We chose Buchanan & Hall Refrigeration from Stratford to install the new units plus install new fans, condenser system, line the butcher shop walls with insulation and install a coil, plus upgrade the walk-in refrigerators and freezer.   Excellent service, workmanship and company integrity........ as they helped to remove the old units, ran new water and drainage lines, installed the new units and made sure everything worked perfectly.

We installed new LED ceiling lighting for ultra efficiency.  No more bulbs to change!    A new entry was built across the front of the store to have a double door entry to conserve air flow in summer and winter.   The entire store was painted and re-decorated.

We are very pleased with how clean, fresh and efficient the store looks and operates.   A huge thanks to all our contractors, volunteers, and advisors.

Before Photos - What We Started With 

Demolition Began April 1st

Renovation in Full Progress

Putting it all back together 

Getting Ready for Opening Day

Opening Day - June 27, 2014