Deli and Meals-to-Go

Simple.....  Meals to Go.... Life is Easy

This is a busy corner of the store, providing ready-to-go hot and cold foods.   Check this out!

fresh sliced deli meats at Paisley freshmart
Beef Stew
meat tray for parties and events

Deli  Meats Sliced Fresh While You Wait

We carry a delicious selection of meat such as:  President's Choice roast beef, Black forest ham, oven roasted turkey;  Pillers headcheese, Hungarian salami, German salami; Schneiders blue ribbon bologna, ham & bacon, mac & cheese loaf, old fashioned smoked ham, bagged summer sausage, jumbo summer sausage; Ziggy's honey maple ham, corned beef; Noah Martin summer sausage. The deli team is eager to slice whatever meats you would like.

Meals to Go Daily Lunch Specials

Monday to Friday we feature lunch specials including fresh made sandwiches and salads. We have a hot entrée Monday to Friday. Our home page has a tab with the weekly specials - check it out. We can make a sandwich for you while you wait at our sandwich bar, just the way you like it. Or, we have a selection of specialty sandwiches and wraps that you can choose and we can grill it hot for you while you wait.     Fresh and Simple!!

chicken pot pie storemade at Paisley freshmart
sandwiches and subs at Paisley freshmart
grilled sandwich

Meals to Go  Supper Specials - all made in-store

Monday to Friday we feature a hot meal for supper. The menu is always posted. Supper is ready at 4pm and served until 5:45pm.

Monday is always our delicious Roast Beef Dinner with a free dessert treat.

Tuesday menu item rotates and is posted in-store on our website.  Always a free dessert treat.

Wednesday and Friday we have hot rotisserie BBQ chickens ready to take home and eat.    

Thursday night is Wing Night. You can get various combos of wings and we have wedges to make a meal.   We now offer 5 different kinds of wing sauces. This is very popular and calling ahead to order is highly recommended. 519-353-3700.

chicken wings
roast beef dinner
rotisserie chicken

Storemade Pizza to Take Home and Bake

Have you tried our awesome freshly made pizzas?   They sell like crazy!!!   12" round par-baked crust, which cuts into 4-8 pieces.

We have now created 11 different flavours including:   deluxe, pepperoni, vegetarian, chicken-goat cheese-spinach, BBQ chicken, Greek, Hawaiian, Canadian, meat lovers, Philly cheese steak, buffalo chicken.

There is often a nice selection ready, but call ahead and pre-order what you like to be sure we have it ready.   Pizzas are made ready for you to take home and bake in your own oven.   We can bake your pizza if our ovens are on, and we charge an extra $2.00 per pizza.

All these pizzas are ready for your oven to bake for 15-20 minutes, hot and fresh and delicious!!

fresh hot pizza
pizza lunch

Special Occasion Trays - simple and ready for all your parties and special gatherings

Stop in to see our picture display on the wall of all our different tray options, or pick up a post card of options with prices.

Our deli team does a great job of fresh fruit or vegetable trays in either regular size or large size.  Meat and Cheese cube trays to serve as an appetizer with crackers is a good option in regular, large or party size.   Sliced meat trays are very attractive with a variety of meats and nicely garnished to allow guests to make their own sandwiches.  You can pre-order Kaiser buns at our bake shop to go along with your meat tray.  Also a nice addition is a sandwich relish tray with sliced tomatoes, onions, lettuce, pickles, mayo and mustard.   We have pickled relish trays with an assortment of pickles and olives.   A sliced cheese tray makes for a nice sandwich buffet.   Or, we can make your sandwiches for you as either sandwich 1/2's, wraps, or Kaisers.  All these are priced individually and can be made for any number of guests. Check out the bake shop for their delicious trays of cookies, squares, combo trays of sweets, or trays of donuts for your next party too.

See the Special Event Food tab on the home page for more detailed listing of ideas, pricing and suggestions.

fruit tray from Paisley freshmart
meat tray sample at Paisley freshmart
vegetable platter