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Simple ............ Fresh produce

We get several small deliveries to ensure our produce is fresh and rotated and not sitting in storage. 

Local is always the focus when in-season.


Produce News

March 2018

  • we continue to carry local turnip and garlic
  • much of our produce comes from USA and Mexico at this time of the year
  • cauliflower is set to take a price jump this month
  • the oranges, clementines and mandarins have all been deliciously juicy all season
  • our local supplier of apples, Keyzers Fruit Farm, sold out early so we now bring in apples through Loblaws which are mostly all Canadian apples
  • watch soon for our pansy pots to arrive on the front porch, in time for Easter


Our Awesome Produce Manager......Velma

We are so pleased to have Velma Bell working as our Produce Manager.  Velma was born and raised on a farm near Tara, and now lives on County Road 1 outside Paisley.    Velma brings a wealth of information and skills with her from previous employment with Pitts Produce working in the warehouse and on deliveries.    This gal is fussy!   No bad produce in our back door and she spends time sourcing out the best prices.   We are able to purchase fresh produce from Loblaws with deliveries on Tuesday and Friday, plus she has sourced other local suppliers in Bruce County and Ontario who deliver every day.   Ultimately we want to get the best produce at the best price we can.   Although we cannot purchase the large quantities that some can, Velma cares about each piece of fruit and vegetable and makes sure it worthy of our customers.    As I said, she is fussy and what is not worthy goes in the soup pot or the next pie.

We opened last June 27th and started putting fresh local produce on our new front porch throughout the summer and fall.   We did a lot of experimenting and figuring things out in our first year.   We are looking forward to another great summer of sourcing the best produce at the best prices in a timely manner.

Velma shows off her summer produce on the front porch of Paisley freshmart

Produce on the front porch

Chat with Velma the next time you are in the store and let her know if there is something you would like to try.    She is a busy gal who moves fast …………. but those are the ones who get the most done in a day and her department shows for it.

Our team at Paisley freshmart, located in Paisley in the heart of Bruce County, strives everyday to meet all your grocery shopping needs with fresh local produce and meat, meals to go, delicious in-store bakery and everyday groceries.    We strive to make shopping simple and if we don't have what you need, we are happy to try to get it for you.