Simple ............ Fresh produce

We get several small deliveries to ensure our produce is fresh and rotated and not sitting in storage.

Local is always the focus when in-season.


What's New In Produce - December 2019

  • Clementines and mandarin oranges are plentiful, juicy and delicious right now
  • prices are staying fairly moderate right now ~ no crazy jumps
  • Romaine lettuce recall did not affect us as the California location was detected and we were able to confirm our Romaine did not come from that area
  • Pomegranates will be here now until the new year
  • We have a mixture of nuts in for the holiday season
  • Local Dunkeld turnips are really nice at this time of year.

Our Awesome Produce Manager......Velma

We are pleased to have Velma Bell working as our Produce Manager.  Velma brings a wealth of information and skills with her from previous employment with Pitts Produce working in the warehouse and on deliveries.    This gal is fussy!   No bad produce in our back door and she spends time sourcing out the best prices.   We are able to purchase fresh produce from Loblaws with deliveries on Monday and Thursday, plus she has sourced other local suppliers in Bruce County and Ontario who deliver every day.   Ultimately we want to get the best produce at the best price we can.   Although we cannot purchase the large quantities that some can, Velma cares about each piece of fruit and vegetable and makes sure it worthy of our customers.    As I said, she is fussy and what is not worthy goes in the soup pot or the next pie.

Velma shows off her summer produce on the front porch of Paisley freshmart

Produce on the front porch

Chat with Velma the next time you are in the store and let her know if there is something you would like to try.