The most delicious smells come from our in-store bakery. Try our fresh breads, rolls, homemade hot lunch and dinner meals. The ladies make creative pies, cupcakes, decorated cakes for all occasions, desserts and cookies.  This full service bakery is up for any request and happy to cater to customer requests.

Presidents Choice - Farmers Market - Along with our homemade baking , we are pleased to also carry President’s Choice ever-expanding line of Farmers Market pies, muffins, tarts, squares, cakes. 

Cake Decorating

All pre-ordered cakes are baked fresh for each order and decorated specifically for each event.  We don’t have pre-made cakes o ready to take home as we prepare fresh cakes for each customer.   So its necessary to give at least 3 day’s notice by calling the store and talking with Gail or one of the bakers. Cakes range in price from $30 to $75 and feed from 5 people to 50 people.  We can bake chocolate, vanilla, lemon or marble cakes. We add in a filing of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, lemon, chocolate or buttercream filling.

Catering Trays

Assorted Cookie Plate - can be made to any size and includes 4-8 different kinds of cookies      $1.75 per person

Assorted Plate of Squares - can be made to any size and includes 4 squares per person with 4-8 different kinds of squares    $2.00 per person

Tray of Mixed Sweets - can be made to any size and includes tarts, cookies, brownies, squares and fruit garnish     $2.50 per person


Our Awesome Team of Bakers

Dianne, Linda, Laura and Susan are our cheerful creative bakers.   Every day they are challenged with coming up with creative ways to use up produce that might not be up to our standards to sell.  They constantly try to predict how many loaves of bread and how many dozen dinner rolls to bake.  They fill the bakery display to tempt our customers’ sweet tooth.

Dianne has worked for 25 years as a Food Service Supervisor managing the kitchen operation and staffing of kitchens at local nursing homes.  She is an excellent cook and baker.  Dianne is our Christmas cake and pudding baker making fruit cakes, gumdrop cake and carrot pudding using the very old recipes from the ladies of Dobbinton United Church.  Dianne begins her Christmas cake baking in October and lets them age in the refrigerator.  All of the cakes and puddings sell quickly once we announce they are ready and receive numerous compliments that these taste just their mother used to make.  Of course, these are very old recipes, without additives or fillers.


Free cookie for kids shopping with an adult at paisley grocery store

Free cookies for kids shopping with an adult