Grocery Shopping Made simple

360 degree photo from Laura

At Paisley freshmart we strive everyday to carry the products you have listed on your grocery list.

We have a great selection of brand name, President's Choice and No Name products.

We bring in new products every week, based on customer requests.  

Groceries at Paisley freshmart......

A wonderful benefit of being independently owned and operated is that we can carry whatever we want in the store and are able to source and carry what our customers request. If there is something we do not have and it is something you have to drive out of town for, please chat with Gail or the cashier.   We will try our best to get it for you.

We regularly check out the competition in the area to ensure our pricing is in line with the much larger stores.  Everyday we try to destroy the mindset that small stores are more expensive.  It is true we cannot buy in huge volume to get some of the large volume discounts, however our association with Loblaws allows us to purchase at reasonable prices that allows us to be competitive with other stores.

See below for a sample album of products in the grocery isles.   This might help you to make up your grocery list.

Aisle 1

Aisle 2

Aisle 3

Aisle 4

Aisle 5