Local Stone Ground Flour – Now Here!

stone ground flour in Paisley Bruce CountyDaily Grind (multi-use flour), Daily Bread (bread flour), Run of the Mill (whole wheat), Unbleached Cake & Pastry, Organic Rye, Barley, and Kamut flours are the kinds of flour now available at Paisley freshmart.    The McKeown Family of Fergus show Clydesdale horses, which is our connection to them.   1847 is the year their family homestead was built, one of the earliest in Wellington County, and they have named their company 1847 Stone Milling.     It is on this farm that the fifth generation, Melissa, Trevor and Sasha create their artisan flours from local certified organic farmers.   They mill every week, never adding any preservatives or additives and never bleached.    All the flours are cold stone milled to preserve the oils and natural vitamins and retain the flavour of the grain.   Melissa tells me that the Daily Grind flour can be substituted for all purpose flour.  The Run of the Mill is made using high protein hard red wheat and works great in breads and for baking.   Daily Bread is a high protein organic wheat used to create a consistent bread.  Cake & Pastry flour is light and fluffy to make perfect cakes and flakey crusts.   I've also brought in Rye flour, Kamut flour and Barley flour for those who like to experiment with different tastes.    I hope you give them a try and let me know what you think.

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