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New Career Opportunity at Paisley freshmart - Butcher 

We are starting our search for a special person, we could train as our butcher.  We currently have a very experienced butcher who knows all the tricks of the trade and he would like to retire in the next couple of years.  This is an opportunity for a man or woman who has excellent skills in customer service, working with knives, some knowledge of meat, and is interested in learning something new. This would be ideal for someone who would like to change careers, has retired early and wants to start something new, or is young and wants to train as a butcher.  

Hands-on training and job shadowing for at least 2 months, and then regular part time hours would follow.  Will learn skills in: cutting and wrapping beef, pork, chicken, lamb, fish, smoked and processed meats; ordering of meat and dealing with suppliers and farmers; merchandizing and rotating product for freshness; preparing for our weekly flyer of specials; costing and pricing meat appropriately; using a scale and properly labelling; superior cleanliness and sanitation practices; marketing and department management.  Must be able to lift at least 60lbs.  Ability to work cooperatively within our entire staffing team is also important.

If you are interested in chatting more about this opportunity, please bring a resume to Paisley freshmart and speak with Gail. 


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