Tributes and Rave Reviews

We received a very nice thank you in the mail from Chesley District Community School Agriculture Program.   In mid-summer 2015 we donated all of the flower and vegetable seeds that did not sell, to the Agriculture Program because we knew that they operate a greenhouse and would need seeds this winter for their horticulture program.   We wish them the best of luck as they groom future horticulturalists in Bruce County.    spring gardening

Gail & Rob;  Thank you so much for your continued support of Dancing with Elephants.  The fruit and veggie trays were great and the collection buckets at each till were a success bringing in $80.00.  The total for our 3rd annual event was close to $4,000.00 which will benefit metastatic breast cancer research and the new CT scanner at the Owen Sound hospital. 

Barb, Cindy, Heather                                                                                           October 2015Dancing with Elephants

One Year Anniversary Shopping Spree

On June 27, 2015 Paisley freshmart celebrated one year in business.   It was an incredible year and we were most thankful for our staff and our loyal customers.   To create some excitement around our anniversary we had customers write their names on the back of their receipts for the month of June for the opportunity to win a prize.   We had awesome prizes donated by some of our suppliers as well as some gift baskets we put together.  The grand prize draws were for three 90 second shopping sprees.  Our lucky winners were Helen, Joan and Christie, all of Paisley.   See the video of the Joan and Christie's shopping spree.


Article Published in The Rural Voice, June 2015 by Andrew CampbellAndrew Campbell viewpoint for the Rural Voice