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Meals to the Fields

I was raised on a family farm as the oldest of four and we were all expected to help in the spring, summer and fall with crops.     We picked a lot of stones in the spring, baled hay and straw all summer it seemed, and in the fall we helped bring in chopped corn.   Sometimes the rush was on and stopping for meals wasn’t an option so the meals came to the fields.    The rest on the back of the truck or on a stone in the middle of the field, or in the barn after just getting out of the hay mow, was always a welcomed rest and a chance to re-energize.   Now I see fewer family farms and more large farms where one farmer has hired help to run equipment to get many, many acres covered in a day.   Some family farms have been bought by farmers who don’t live in the area but come at planting and harvest time to work the land and reap the harvest.   It’s the way of farming now.

I often wonder if the operators of the big equipment that run all day long, have their lunch with them, or if someone is going to bring them a meal?    It got me to thinking that perhaps I could take meals to the field.   We have good basic food at Paisley freshmart and wonderful cooks who make delicious homemade meals.   I know how important it is to eat meals to avoid becoming sleepy or making mistakes that can cause awful farm accidents.

So that is my thinking behind Meals to the Fields.  It will be an experiment this year and we will learn as we go.   Everyone carries a cell phone so call the store and talk me or one of the cashiers and we will be happy to put together a meal for you and bring it out to the field.  Refer to the website (if you have a smart phone) for menus and specials of the day.   We are happy to deliver into the former townships of Elderslie, the south west corner of Arran, Saugeen, Greenock, Brant and Bruce.    Rob and I have lived here our whole lives and with decent directions we should be able to find you.   Pay later, as I know farmers don’t always carry their wallets to the fields.

My goal is to keep our farmers who make our food, happy, safe and well fed.  Simple.

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