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Welcome to Paisley and to our beautiful Paisley freshmart grocery store. We strive to make shopping simple, not stressful.
Simple..... lunch and supper specials Monday to Friday........ ready for you to pick up and take home.
Visit our in-store butcher shop for fresh local meat for all occasions. Awesome BBQ Meats ~ Smoked Pork Chops ~ Delicious Storemade Sausages ~ Ontario Pork, Beef, Chicken and Local Bruce County Lamb ~ Steaks Cut for You
camping, canoeing, farmers market, fishing, kayaking............ lots of activities in Paisley and we have your food to go along with all your summer time events.
We are thankful for our farmers who work so hard to provide our food, and our village of Paisley and all our customers.

Today's News

remember groceriesRob and I spent Sunday and Monday in Toronto, touring grocery stores and attending a convention for independent grocers.   We picked up a lot of new ideas and talked to lots of people.    A great little vacation to reassure us that we are doing lots of good things and some new ideas for improvements.



penne casserole lunchLunch today is sausage, penne & tomato bake and supper tonight will be hot rotisserie chickens.   All delicious.  Enjoy the day!!







stressedIf you did not get your weekly flyer, as many did not, please call the Owen Sound Sun Times to complain.   They will want your address.  I pay ALOT of money for flyer distribution and would prefer that they get into the flyer bundles and not sitting somewhere in a garbage.   Call Linda at 519-376-2250 ext 514308.    Please call as it helps me a lot.  This happens a lot and I don't know what to do other than complain every time.




thank you for your support of Paisley freshmart

Winners of $50.00 in-store gift certificates are: Tara Knox, Kim Dudgeon, S Walke.   Thanks to everyone who returned the "How are we doing" surveys and gave us great feedback on our store.     Watch the November edition of the Advocate for a summary of the comments.






Sea Buckthorn Berries and Juice 

From a farm just south of Paisley, these are considered a super fruit or miracle berry for new groceries at Paisley freshmartboth medicinal and beauty purposes.    I knew very little about them but have tried them.  The berries can be eaten as they are and have a sour citrus taste.  You can also use them anyway you would use citrus in a recipe.   Google Sea Buckthorn to read more and then give this a try.  It is not cheap but it is highly potent.   Let me know what you think.


Bag Tags     

We now carry bag tags for the Municipalities of Arran-Elderslie, Brockton, Saugeen Shores, and Kincardine.


Public Washrooms at the Store Now!

groceries now available at Paisley freshmartCompliments of Paisley freshmart we now offer clean, flushing, men's and ladies washrooms.  They are on the front porch and will be available to visitors to town, those passing through, and store customers.  Since there are currently no visible public washrooms in this village, we will be promoting these for easy access.



Fresh Lake Huron Whitefish!!! 

We finally have a local source for fresh fish out of the lake.  Its being fished out of the Goderich harbor and then cleaned in Sarnia, before being delivered to us.    I can also get perch, pickerel and eventually salmon and trout.      We have been getting fresh fish through Loblaws and the salmon and rainbow trout is very popular.  It tends to arrive each Friday and is gone usually by Monday or Tuesday.      Come in and check out fish as a local, fresh and healthy addition to your weekly menu.




we deliver

Free Delivery

We are happy to deliver to our community seniors who might not feel well enough to venture out or don't have a ride to the store.   Give us a call at 519-353-3700 and let us help you out.






fresh donuts at Paisley freshmartPaisley freshmart bake shop now makes the most delicious fresh donuts.    We have five different kinds including: apple fritters, donut twists, yeast ring, cake ring, filled donuts.    Donut Days are Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday.





gift cards available at Paisley freshmart

Gift Cards - All Different Kinds !!

Gift Cards have finally arrived.   We have an entire rack of all sorts of gift cards which make for excellent gifts all year round.   Also included are phone top-up cards to purchase more minutes. We now have PC Gift Cards which can be used at any Loblaw store and we can redeem PC gift cards here at Paisley freshmart too.



 First Anniversary Draws & Shopping Sprees - June 2015

The shopping sprees were awesome and so exciting.  These gals were nervous Helen's shopping spreeand out of breath when 90 seconds were over.     Helen grabbed $216.92, Christie scooped up $561.13 and Joan loaded up with $545.62.  Congratulations ladies............. we hope you feed your families well for the next while.    Christie and Joan's shopping sprees



Our anniversary draws were lots of fun and everyone who won are regular Paisley shoppers, so that was very appropriate.   The winners are:

3d character driving shopping cart with red heart insideThree 90 second shopping sprees:  Helen Leader, Joan Lyons, Christie Patterson 

Parmalat Gift Packs:  Rob Bonderud, Tracy Donnelly, Kathy Dowe, Mary Hagedorn

Pepsi Gift Pack: Crystal Lee

Coke Gift Pack: Erica Knight

Hostess Gift Packs: Sandra Guta, Sherri Wark

Floating Weiners from Schneiders:  Jason Gaudet

PC Gift Basket:  David Ruthven

Local Products Gift Basket:  Jessica Heathers

No Name Gift Basket:  Jeff Small





Each day I will put something on here that you are not going to want to miss.   Its the very latest thing happening in our store and this is where you will hear about it first!   Visit every day.   If it happens in our store, in Paisley, in Bruce County, about groceries, meat, meals-to-go, bake shop, celebrations, new products, old products, deals of the day.................. you will find out about it here first.  Check in Often.





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